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     Van Vleet Technology, LLC is a family owned and operated company formed by members raised in a strong tradition of values and work ethics. The founding members have a long history of working together that goes back to the family dairy farm in rural Wisconsin and later East Texas. The middle generation of Van Vleet Technology learned the meaning of a hard day’s work and how to do a job right under the direction of father Richard Van Vleet while learning fairness, honesty and caring from mother Vivian Van Vleet. The members have owned a number of successful small businesses including several farms, a trucking company, feed sales and pet sitting as well as enjoyed successful careers in varied fields of manufacturing, engineering, industrial maintenance, HVAC, sales, warehousing, pet retail management, real estate, business administration, teaching, insurance and aerospace machining.

     Van Vleet Technology believes in giving back to the community as demonstrated by our Bucket Bowl™ product line, a concept truly born from the adage "necessity is the mother of invention." Pioneers Dennis Van Vleet and his wife Lea volunteer their time and home to Great Dane Rescue of North Texas (GDRNT.) GDRNT places abused and unwanted Great Danes from area shelters into loving foster homes before finding them permanent homes. Lea, president of GDRNT, was the first to see a need for a low cost elevated feeder and portable food storage system for large breed dogs. Dennis applied his knowledge of manufacturing and engineering to create this product which has proved invaluable in caring for the many Danes they take into their home. To thank GDRNT for the inspiration, Van Vleet Technology has pledged to give a portion of the proceeds from Bucket Bowl™ sales to aid in the ongoing rescue and rehabilitation of these gentle giants. For more information about Great Dane Rescue of North Texas visit www.danerescue.net 

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